Stopping Movement Training

Stopping Movement Training

Stopping movement trains in the body to stop routines and through this to gain energy for what we want. We train with music in a group and put our attention to each stop. It is fun, brings us outside of the comfort zone and shows us who we can be.

More lightness, more silence and outside of your usual routines

Often participants of the training describe sensations of lightness, less pain, silence, more happiness and well being. People are often surprised how pleasurable and fun it is to move freely in this way and reaching different states of being through the same training. Within our known routines of movement, we know ourselves, our bodies. These „comfortable” sets of movement are often connected to tension and pain as our bodies are not made for repetitive movement. By training to interrupt these routines we discover new movements and we gain access to a new way of perceiving ourselves, which is the entry into everything beyond of what we know about us. 

Training within a group of people has an additional effect of noticing shame and guilt connected to the space outside of the comfort zone. We can notice that we have all learned a specific way of being next to others, of behaving or showing us with only a limited variety and space. It is a pleasure to discover the effect of awareness on how we feel next to other people, to notice that we can all struggle with it no matter what we usually show to the outside world. We might feel more comfortable being with people and at the same time with ourselves. Dropping routines shows us more of our real capacities of being in the world. Especially with those parts that we normally hide from others, we can often discover old expectations that are not any more reality.

Please come with comfortable clothes, in which you can move.

Stopping Movement Training 90min

Open Training Level 2 every Wednesday 19h30-21h (new time from 28th of August 2019) 

Our courses Levels 1 to 4 are structured, continuously building up sessions. In every session, new aspects add to the training. The course Level 2, which started in April 2019, are 20 meetings of each 90 minutes training.

Nevertheless, you are welcome to join at any time.

Come and join us! 

The training of 90min is open for anybody and with no special requirements. The training is instructed by Jutta Gelzer or Bärbel Singer. It takes place in the Caminada (3rd back yard, ground floor), Böckhstr. 21, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

No training during Berlin school or public holidays.


First trial training: 13 €

Standard: 20 €

5 entries: 90 €

Course (20 meetings): from 300 €

Stopping Movement Workshop ``Break Free`` 3h

A 3-hour workshop for more personal freedom. We all are full of routines that limit us and make us unhappy.
Come with your personal challenge: You would like to bring change to a situation that bothers you or a repeated painful sensation? In this workshop, you will learn how to set yourself free and achieve real change.

Additionally, in order to achieve lasting results, including for your everyday life, we will guide you through a home training during the two weeks following your workshop.

The workshop is based on the Stopping Movement Training of the Grinberg Method. We move together to the rhythm of the music and seek to find more freedom in our movements. Each movement is stopped, in order to allow a new movement to happen. The stopping of movements brings energy, raises the level of attention and frees us from routines that limit and damage our bodies.

No previous experience or special requirements necessary.

The workshop is conducted by Bärbel Singer. Please check Bärbel’s Webseite for current dates.